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Gutter Repair or Gutter Replacement?

The following are common signs that you need to replace your existing gutter system with a New Gutter System:

Separated gutters: If your gutter system is separating time and time again and its not staying put in a continuous channel, it may be time for a gutter replacement (see pics below). 

Broken Hangers/Fasteners: They are a metal hardware that hold your gutters to the fascia board. If you manage to repair a few hangers/fasteners that's great! But if the problem continues the gutters might be the problem. And it's time to replace your existing gutter system.


Nails or screws on the ground: Replacing them isn't difficult , but this might also be a sign that your fascia board is rotting or you have an outdated gutter system. (See pic below of outdated gutter system installed using spikes instead of hidden aluminum hangers) 

Sagging or Improperly-pitched/sloped gutter: It is very important that your gutters are sloped properly as that will assure that the water is draining out the downspout correctly without putting too much weight on a specific section of your gutter. Eventually with time it will cause your gutters to sag or pull way from fascia (see pics below). 

Cracks, holes, damage and rust spots on your gutter: Might be time for a New Gutter System (See pics below).

Gutter Repair
Repair damaged gutter
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